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From: Marty Smith
Date: May, 2010

Dear Poker Webmaster,

If you are looking for additional poker content for your website or blog, you have come to the right place. I have been writing about poker for over 5 years now and am one of the most read poker authors on EZineArticles with over 200 articles and 100,000 views. I have also written 3 poker ebooks and did the content copy for over 200 poker videos.

As a poker websmaster myself, I know the challenge of coming up with real poker content on a daily basis. I am sure that you have also realized that there isn't anybody capable of writing articulate poker articles that make any sense to even the average online poker player - at least affordably. Any poker content that I have ever been offered for sale was pretty much a joke, written by non-english AND non-poker player writers. Quite a joke in my mind, and a complete waste of time and money.

Surely we can ALL agree that you MUST be a POKER PLAYER to write competently about poker.

That is why I set out to write some PLR poker content myself, given the tough competition in this market and the need to stay ahead with fresh content. These 25 articles were ALL penned by me, myself and I. Not only that, but to address the challenge of over using the same article, EACH of the these 25 articles comes in 25 DIFFERENT versions. The articles were spun by me personally which added a 15% to 25% unique spin to each of them.

This way, anyone of the (50 max) buyers of this first 25 PLR Poker Article Pak, will most likely be using different versions and then hopefully adding a little original content to them as well - which is highly reccomended.

Watch my video below that shows download instructions, and tips for rewriting and marketing of these articles.


All the best with your website,

Marty Smith

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25 poker articles for $67

Articles are all in text notepad files.

Articles are zipped in folders and can be unzipped using winzip.

Articles cannot be used for resale of ANY kind.

Articles should be entirely rewritten if you are planning to distribute them on article directories.


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